SEPTICURE is the perfect partner both for unclogging in Brussels and for the check-up and maintenance of your sanitations and pipelines. We are solicited in all the municipalities of Brussels and we are also available in an area of .... kilometer of Brussels.


SEPTICURE has all the materials and a professionnal team to react for thorough unclogging, cleaning and descaling of your sanitation and pipeline. We make use of a technical and mechanical equipment both for the installation as eco-friendly to work and for a very attractive price. We react immediately for emergencies in Brussels (toilet, sink, sanitation or other pipes). We are available 24/24. It’s very annoying when your toilet clogged or the shower drain doesn’t work in the evening or at the weekend. Everyone wants to be helped immediately. Therefore you can count on our team. SEPTICURE is at any time quickly disposed to help you. Our emergency number will be recorded and executed immediately. Our main objective is to be fast and efficient in our work.

Camera inspection

SEPTICURE can do the necessary to inspect your pipes with a camera to find the cause of the leak or unclogging to avoid unnecessary destruction. Once we find the cause, you will receive an USB-stick with all the inspection. If necessary you can use it to complete your case with the insurance company. The inspection by camera is the most important tool to detect abnormalities in drains or pipes:

  • Sanitary sewage clogged
  • A broken pipe
  • Decrease of water evacuation
  • Water penetration
  • Sewer drain
  • To avoid future problems

This camera can research everything in your pipes. It’s used to approve the quality of those, to collect images when you have a problem deep in the pipes. This tool is perfect for sever unblocking and plumbing interventions. When the inspection is done, we can intervene fast and efficient.


A broken or a split in the pipelines can be the cause of bad smell in a home. SEPTICURE is available to fix that.


Our maintenace propose the best reaction to have, to maintain a comfortable home. An unclogged WC or sanitation can involve permanent damages in your house: bad smells, damages of the pipes. This will entail a completely replacement. To avoid this discomfort, it is necessary to anticipate an annual maintenance or control of your pipelines by our team.


Sometimes the drainage of water or pipelines are clogged (essentially toilets, bathrooms, sinks and sanitations). The reasons are different, but the costs could be very high without a regular maintenance. The drain cleanerservice is very important and recommanded in the plumbing of a house. The unclogging keeps both a place of comfort and insure a prolonged duration of action of your pipelines, sanitations and other plugholes.

SEPTICURE is a specialist in unclogging, actif in Brussels since years. It is reputated for its quality services and performances. It consist of professionnal team of plumbers skilled in unclogging of pipes, sanitation in Brussels. For emergencies, we are available as soon as possible. SEPTICURE put her experience and her knowledge at your service for different sanitary facilities and has all the necessary materials and equipment for all unclogging :

  • Unclogging WC/toilet or any pipelines;
  • Unclogging plugholes;
  • cleaning sanitation;
  • Check-up by camera detector of pipelines;
  • Emergency unclogging (reparation)

The importance of unclogging

Through of her rich experience, SEPTICURE shall consist of a team of plumbers specialists in unclogging to unclog and fix your WC, pipelines, sanitation or plugholes,... Our services propose different a possibilities to keep your home comfortable. A unclogged WC, pipelines, sanitation could entail adverse effects. It obstructs the discharge of waste water, who is stagnating and damaging the pipes. It can involve destruction and construction in the long-term. To avoid this, ask an annual maintenance of your pipelinesystem.


SEPTICURE is a leader in Brussels for unclogging water pipes and is specialized in fixing of many types of unclogging problems. Our team is skilled in live up to your expectations. Our services:

  • Unclogging WC/toilet or any pipelines;
  • Unclogging plugholes;
  • cleaning sanitation;
  • Check-up by camera detector of pipelines;
  • Emergency unclogging (reparation).


The customer satisfaction is the asset of SEPTICURE. In case of plumbing problem or breakdown, dial us and we do all the necessary to fix the job as soon as possible. Our professionnal team is available at any time to serve you.


An unclogging has to be done by a professionnal plumber. SEPTICURE is different because of its professionalism and competence. Our specialists carry out an early diagnosic to work efficiently. This task has to find the zone before the intervention. With the necessary unclogging technologies, we ensure the best possibilities to fix you problem. A thorought clean up of your pipelines, plugholes and toilets will be done. Our plumbers are skilled in many types of dewatering but most important they care of the satisfaction of our clients.

SEPTICURE can perform a camera inspection of your pipes to determine the cause of a leak or plug accurately and avoid unnecessary destruction. Once the cause of the problem has been detected, you will receive a USB key including the video recording of the inspection that can, if necessary, be sent to your insurer to complete your file.